Monday, September 15, 2014

Try a brand new bag!

 This morning was kind of a tough one!!  I find myself wandering, not being able to settle on a project or a cleaning place in the house.  A little project is usually just what I need to get back on track.  I have been really admiring these bags, so made a couple little ones from my plaid scraps and shirt yardage for the linings from the thrift store.
Another view...the little one's pattern is here, by Rachel Griffith. The larger one is just about twice as big, and I tweaked it as I went to make it the size I wanted. I did put double batting in the large one, and interfacing in the handles to give them some strength and shape.   Each one took about one hour to make...easy-peasy!!

Have a great day, everyone!!  I am off to clean the kitchen...having found my focus!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scraps!! what else??

 The bow ties won out!!  I made all the little pieces I was playing with in a previous post into bow tie blocks.  Here are the best of the bow tie blocks.  I struggled with a few, LOL!!  Not put together yet, but soon.  I love using the picture as a tool,  because I see I have too many of one color together.  
This is kind of stretched out in the picture, but is a 6 x 6 inch finished block.  I am in the midst of cutting an entire quilt of these blocks.  Scraps, anyone??  I love them the best!
These are about 4 inch finished...tiny log cabin blocks.  I am not sure about the red center...what do you think?  Maybe all browns??  Or orange!!?
Lots of browns and creams cut out for these blocks!!  I am on a huge cutting binge!
And a tiny pinwheel pincushion.  Two inches finished. From a badly pieced block.
Have you seen these blocks?  A disappearing pinwheel block.  Maybe I will cut a bunch of these too!!  Mary from Quilt Hollow featured these a few posts back, on her blog.
The opposite colors...just playing here...

So that is where my mind is, ladies and gents!!   All about the little pieces, the scraps that people might throw away...treasure to this girl!!  I wonder if I will always think about things this way??

Have a great day!!


Friday, September 12, 2014

Sue Garman Giveaway!!

 I finished all the little pieces and parts into bow ties from last post.  It was such fun to play with all the pieces in different patterns!  But the bow ties won out.
 A funny thing happened in our neighborhood this morning.  I was out walking, and saw an Estate Sale sign.  Oh no, I thought...not another one of our elderly neighbors!!  So I walked the block and walked into the house...and met a quilter!  She was selling lots of her belongings, because she and her husband are moving to Taos, New Mexico!  She has a long arm machine and is a scrappy quilter, just like me!! Darn, I sure wish I would have known about her earlier...someone my own age, and a quilter to boot!!  She was selling this beautiful basket above.  I love it, and it now lives at my house.
Now the most fun thing ever happened this week!  I ordered this pattern, from Sue Garman...the OMIGOSH quilt.  I have loved it forever, and it is just the right pattern for scraps...the ultimate pattern for scraps!!  I ordered two of the pattern, so I could give one away.  Guess what?  Sue Garman herself e-mailed me and said thank you for ordering!!  I wrote back and told her I was going to give away one of the patterns, and she sent another one also to give away!!  So...I have two of this pattern to give away.  It is such a fun one!!  So just comment on this post and I will draw two names next week to win this pattern.  Sue was just the nicest, most kind and down to earth lady via our chat.  Please see her website HERE...she sells the most beautiful patterns!  And her blog HERE.

Have a great week,


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Toys!!

 What fun!!  I have new pieces and parts to play with!!  These are parts of this bow tie quilt below.  Just thought I would lay them out into something new, just for fun.
 Tiny bow ties!!  Aren't they pretty?  They are not mine...they were made by Linda O...she sent them to me.  Linda is just the best piecer!  Just amazingly small and precise...I love them a ton!  Thank you, Linda!
 Just playing with some more pieces....
 And this little quilt is complete.  I hand quilted it, including hand stippling the background.  Folks, I hate to say it...but I am going to think really hard about fusing and blanket stitching a quilt again.  I have a couple prepped and I will finish them, and I think it is fine for wool, but this one raveled pretty badly and the stitches shrunk from the applique piece on the heart only.  I did wash it , just so see how it would hold up. This is second little quilt that this has happened to.  Maybe I should just not wash them, LOL!! I think I will try really hard to concentrate on needle turn applique instead.  Do you have an opinion about fused/blanket stitch versus needle turn?  I would love your opinion!
 This little box contains a lot of work, LOL!!  Deeper than it appears, it has pieces and parts of the blocks below.  I would like to make a couple of patient quilts from these.
I have about twenty blocks made so far.

So there you have it folks!!  Scrapping it over here...and loving it!!  I swear I love little scraps and pieces more than anything!!

Have a great day, 


Friday, September 5, 2014

A little modification

 In the Spring 2014 magazine issue of Quilts and More, there was a little quilt pattern for a door decoration quilt.  I took the pattern and modified it just a little bit, adding the borders on three sides.  It would be fun to complete a little quilt like this for each season!! Can't you just see this in autumn colors? I will enjoy the stitching at night...I love those quiet times, just sitting and stitching.
 Recently I have been on a cutting binge.  Tiny throwaway slivers are turned into these hot pads. Backing, batting, and tiny pieces squished flat with the iron, then just quilted over the top of it all.  They make great hot pads, and I get to use all those tiny slivers.
 I recently got this at an antique shop.  Everything was super inexpensive, don't know why.  Maybe they were going out of business?  I have no idea what this says, you know?  Hope it it something good, LOL!!  I do like the old patina of this antique little mirror.
 What does it say??
 Is this a doily?  or a handkerchief?  I washed it and pressed it flat.  It was in a box of old hankies.
 Karen the Log Cabin Quilter sent me these fun Halloween fat quarters!!  I love much fun!
And this strings are being cut based on an idea from Karen's blog.  She recently made a quilt border with tiny log cabin blocks, made all from browns.  I was smitten!!  Please go visit her HERE!

Hope your day is great today, and that you have some stitching time!!


Monday, August 25, 2014

Well maybe a few more...

Well, I am rolling on these blocks!!  I am making these out of 2.5 inch squares, and using 1.5 inch squares, using the connector corners method to make the stars.  I am thinking I could make baby quilts in a hurry from this pattern!  Or hospital quilts for the cancer patients.  I am using only my brightest colors out of the 2.5 inch bin.  Having great fun here!!  Thank you Terry for your inspiration!

Now...on to the cleaning part.  I did wash all the bedding and bathroom and vacuuming.  Sigh....


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Scrappy Saturdays!!

 I am working on a UFO!  This quilt has been cut out for a year or more...time to GETERDUN!    These blocks can be set together in any number of ways.
 This is the block...just a nine patch, really, with some 1/2 square triangles too.
 And Terry is having another quilt along!!  I joined right in.  I am using 2.5 inch squares instead of charm squares, because that is what I have on hand to here is my start!  See Terry's blog and her start too HERE!
 I found some heart rocks in Alaska.  Different minerals, and each a different shape for sure.
 A view of the Alaska Glaciers from Seward, from a whale watching boat.  Yes, I saw a whale!!
And a couple bull moose!!  They were amazing...and they live in Denali National Park.  Huge creatures!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  I have been cutting lots of scraps into usable pieces for scrappy quilts.    That is great fun...and more fun once I changed my rotary cutting blade, LOL!!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

The surprise is...ALASKA!!!

 Alaska!!!  That is my big surprise reveal...We got to go to Alaska, for my big Birthday!  We have not been on a vacation for many years, not a real got to go!!  What an incredibly beautiful place!  I loved it and felt like I was at home the moment I spotted those mountains.  I am just a mountain girl, I guess!
 Here is a friend that we happened to run into.
 And a happy girl, walking along a hiking trail bridge.  Dear hubby managed to snap this pic of me.  It was surprisingly warm there, and I soon shed most of those layers of clothing.
 I did, (ahem), manage to find a quilt shop or three while I was there!  Loving the wild things that abound in Alaska, I did bring home some patterns, and a little brown fabric to help in my quilting of these pretty animal quilts.
 This was just took my fancy, and it came home was on sale.
 And this book too was in the sale bin.  20 years old, published in 1994, it just struck a cord with me...I loved it.  It is by Fons and Porter, and has wonderful scrap quilts in it.
 And this book was just fun!
 A birthday gift from my friend Pam...pinks!!!  Love that for sure!!
 And my friend Marilyn made this tie bag for me.  She collects ties, and makes different projects, all from ties.
 Her tag for her business.
And I hand quilted this quilt on the plane.  It is a small one, and made from someones blocks that they were finished with.  Sometimes a project does not turn out, or we get tired of it, or it just no longer suits our fancy.  I think that these blocks were some of those.  Now tell me friends, whose crazy patch blocks are these?  The name got separated from the claim them, whoever you are that made them in the first place!!  I hand quilted around each and every tiny green piece...loved that!!

*********************************The trip********************************

I did a journal of each day of our trip, so I could remember it and savor each memory.  One memory strikes me...on the plane back, everyone was sleeping, being the middle of the night.  Suddenly all the lights were turned on, and an urgent page came over the plane loudspeaker..."We have a sick passenger, and need a doctor to come and attend her, please hurry!".  Two doctors immediately got up and went to the lady...quite elderly, and she had atrial fib with a very fast rate, and had passed out.  I was struck by how quickly they responded to this stranger, and what kind care they gave.  They did not ask for nurses, but you can bet I was ready, in case it went down hill in a hurry...but the lady revived, and was able to take her medication from home, which helped her a lot.  I love to watch people love other people, even strangers.  Some people would have just kept quiet, after all, they were on vacation.  Loved it!!  And the lady was OK, and that was the great thing!

We have some truly amazing pictures, and I will share a few along here and there.  I am doing laundry and cleaning a bit...and have so many quilting ideas, I am bursting!


Have a great day!


Monday, August 11, 2014

Turning a very special number...

 We have (had) a quilting group at the hospital where I work.  We were called "The Remnants".   Alas, I am the only one left working there!!  Three are retired, one is working at another place, so that one leaves little lonesome me, LOL!!  So...these girls called me to meet at a local was turning sixty...and one seventy!!  I am one of those birthdays...and the birthday girls all got quilts!  This one is mine...bright, bright, pretty, and mostly batiks and bright squares.  It is so soft and just smells heavenly.  Another lady got a quilt just the same, but all reds.  She received color catchers too, LOL!
 Another view...
And the quilting!!  One of these ladies has a long arm quilting machine, and she quilted it.  I love it!!!

What a very fun surprise!  I also received a bag made all from ties, which I will show soon.  And some pink fat quarters too!  How spoiled is that??

If I don't post for a while...don't worry!!  I may be out of pocket for a bit.  I will be back soon with some fresh and fun stuff!!  and a surprise!

I hope you all have a great Monday!


Monday, August 4, 2014

An epic Fail...or maybe not! And Navajo Code Talkers!!

 Some time ago, I found a picture on Pinterest.  No credits, so I had no idea who designed the quilt.  But it was made from strings, and that appealed to me immediately, so I set about making my own version from pieces and parts in my block basket.  Since then, I have found that the quilt "Navajo Code Talkers" was designed by Norma Whaley.  Please see her website, HERE.  It is Timeless Traditions, and she has a wonderful blog as well.   It is also being sold by Primitive Gatherings, HERE.  But now, I have purchased her pattern!!!  In fact, I have bought two of I am giving one away.  Please just comment, and I will select a random winner and send out the pattern for Norma Whaley's fantastic quilt.
 This is fun!!!  See the border on the Code Talker quilt?  It is made from this bunch of 1/2 square triangles...and I have enough for another border for a large quilt.  Yahoo!  I find lots of my time goes into prepping things like this that I have no idea what I am going to do glad that this border found a home.  All scraps, here!!
 Now for my Epic fail!!  Above is a big (little) mess of a quilt. Many times, I make a second, tiny quilt from the idea of a bigger quilt, such as my Wagon Wheels from last post.   The hand applique was not going well, so I appliqued by machine.  FIRST MISTAKE!!  I have no idea what I am doing there.  Then machine quilted it...SECOND MISTAKE!  I am the world's worst machine quilter...hands down.  Nope...I win...!!  Then I decided just to sew the binding down on the machine too...THIRD MISTAKE!!  By then, I was pretty discouraged, and was going to toss the whole thing in the trash.  But....
 I washed it, and ROSIE liked it!!  In fact, she plopped down and just claimed it as hers.  so...That is how the fail became a win, for one little sweet poodle girl, who now owns a new quilt.
I have been working projects, and cleaning. That is my piano bench, and I have been storing some projects under it.  So very messy, and I could not get to the piano to I sorted and found homes for these projects.  Yahoo!!! Feels good to clean and clean!!!

Hope you all have a great day...